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   | Hair: Red    Eyes: BLUE    Height: 5'9"  |   

               |  AGMA   |   Range: alto |


| Concert Dance |

Tania Perez­-Salas Compania de Danza (TPS) (Principal)                  Mexico City, Mexico                                2010­-Present
Roger Raiford Modern Ballet (RRMB)                                                Los Angels, CA                                          Jul-Aug 2017
Elements Contemporary Ballet (ECB)                                                ­ Chicago, IL                                                2004­-2013
River North Dance Company (RNDC) (Performing Apprentice)­       Chicago, IL                                                2002-­2004
Colorado Jazz Dance Company (CJDC)­                                               Colorado Springs, CO                               1996-­2002

| Theater |

Ronna Kaye Productions                                                                     Ensemble                                       Black Orchid Theater Chicago
Gypsy                                                                                                    Mazeppa                                        Colorado Springs Fine Arts Cntr.
Disney Spectacular, Santa's Singing Follies + Others                        Featured Roles                             Colorado Springs Fine Arts Cntr.

| Live Performance |

Noticieros Televisa (Live TV)                                                             Featured Dancer                           Televisa Mexico
Dance For Life Chicago                                                                      Ensemble                                       Harris Theater for Music/Dance
Stage Factor Productions                                                                   Ensemble                                       Numerous Chicago Venues
The Nutcracker                                                                                   Candy Cane/Doll/Snowflake        Colorado Springs Fine Arts Cntr.
Looptopia                                                                                            Featured Dancer                           Chicago Cultural Center

| FILM |

Gemeni Club Music Video                                                                  Solo Dancer                                   Dir: Bernard Ong
Pineda Covalin Designer Online Promo                                           Featured Dancer/Model                PR: Zaida Millan
Compania Tania Perez-Salas Promo                                                  Featured Dancer                           Dir: Ricardo Trabulsi
"Pasion en Movimiento" Documentary                                             Featured Dancer                            Dir: Santiago Torres

| Modeling |

TIGI Haircare National Hair Show                                                   Demonstration Model                   McCormick Place Chicago
"Colours Galore"                                                                                 Model/Dancer                               Hyatt Chicago

| training |

University of Arizona, Jazz Dance World Congresses, Colorado Jazz Dance Co., Joffrey Summer Intensive, Amsterdam Dance Center

Voice:                                        Mat Eisenstein, Analisa Leaming, Scott Mello
Acting:                                      Bob Cline, Second City Chicago
Jazz/Contemporary:                 Sherry Zunker, Susan Quinn, Sam Watson, Gus Giordano, Frank Chaves, Richard Havey
                                   Zetta Alderman, Nick Kenkel, Ben Vereen, Patsy Swayze
                           Elena Kunikova, Michael Gosney, Breton Tyner-Bryan, Melissa Lowe
Other Skills:
                             Tap, Ballroom, Improv, Hip-hop, Modern, African Dance, Burlesque, Basic Guitar & Spanish


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Where I'll be performing:

  • May 22, 2018: Mexico City, Mexico- Auditorio Nacional

  • June 15-17, 2018: Mexico City, Mexico- Palacio de Bellas Artes

  • August 29, 2018: Dusseldorf, Germany- internationale tanzmesse nrw

  • September 2018: Bogata, Columbia- Teatro Colón de Bogotá

  • November 2018: Mexico City, Mexico- Cenart

Contact Nicole Sievers


Nicole is a mountain girl, born + raised in Colorado, dancing since she was 7 with Zetta Alderman + The Colorado Jazz Dance Co.

Currently, Nicole is dancing in her 8th season, as a principal dancer with Mexico City’s, internationally touring, Tania Perez-Salas Compania De Danza (TPS). Nicole's base in the States is in NYC as a freelance dancer, massage therapist + wife.

Recently, Nicole enjoyed a summer season in Los Angeles with Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet.

Previously, Nicole shared two seasons with River North Dance Chicago + six seasons, as a founding member, with Elements Contemporary Ballet.  She enjoyed freelancing with Stage Factor, Dance For Life, Kaye Productions, Gemini Club's music video + Mexico's designer Pineda Covalin, among others.  Nicole also studied improv at The Second City Theater Chicago + spent nine years teaching dance in the inner city Chicago Public Schools via DanceArt + Dancing Classrooms.

Recognized by The University of Arizona, The Jazz Dance World Congress, Arizona Jazz Dance Showcases + The Jofferey Dance Competitions. Her choreography has been twice featured in the Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase + Solstance Chicago.

Trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap, hip hop, modern, musical theater, voice, acting + improv, Nicole is versatile across all aspects of the industry. She has learned from some of the best, including: Sherry Zunker, Gus Giordano, Ben Vereen, Patsy Swayze, Mia Michaels, + University of Arizona staff: Susan Quinn, Richard Havey, Sam Watson + Jorey Hancock + others.

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Distinguishing her from other dancers by her unique flare, Nicole's strength + versatility are apparent both in rehearsals + on stage.

Personally, Nicole loves laughing, writing + people watching.  She loves the big city, the mountains, adventures + puppies. Nicole has been a nationally certified + licensed massage therapist since 2004. She enjoys her private practice + being a therapist at The Four Seasons Spa Downtown, NY.

Future plans are to continue dancing with Mexico's Tania Perez-Salas, while pursuing New York City's dance opportunities, including Broadway + musical theater.  Nicole also looks forward to teaching in New York City Public Schools in the years to come.