American dream

Hamster Wheels

Lord, this world is so full of broken people
with aching bones, seemingly heavier than they can carry.
It’s hard to differentiate the lies from the hurt in people’s eyes.
Deep wells of mirrored water.
You will float or you will sink
no stones needed.
Nor to throw.
My lists are filled with tasks undone
mostly dreams still being dreamt while sleeping
And what of those meant to be dreamt while living?
My mind races as a million and one rats run in my mind
upon wheels they stole from hamsters I’m sure
And the hamsters none the better, there's no dialing 911,
they stole them from tall white men
who’d mistaken them for ladders.
The climb goes on.
And none of us are good enough
Run on dear friend, mindlessly run on.
Time seems to mock us.
And not just the best of us, but the whole of us
because there is no separation in the human desire.
We are begging for a white flag,
as if we’d even be pleased with the package it'd arrive in.
There are stripes in my head that I study like
the flickering pupal on a locomotive watching the terrain
pass quicker than it can adjust.
And if we can not embrace our untamed hearts,
then, at least, let us acknowledge that the human condition
is human in need.

this was written Nov. 9, the day after 2016 elections