Creative, Courageous + Contagious

"If we can live outwardly, our most honest inner truth,
then we can free others to do the same."


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| Hair: Red    Eyes: BLUE    Height: 5'9"  |

            |  AGMA   |   Range: alto |


| Concert Dance |

Mexico City, Mexico      2010­-Present
New York, NY 2018-Present
Los Angels, CA                Jul-Aug 2017
Chicago, IL                      2004­-2013
Chicago, IL                      2002-­2004
Colorado Springs, CO    1996-­2002

Tania Perez­-Salas Compania de Danza
FJK Dance
Roger Raiford Modern Ballet
Elements Contemporary Ballet
River North Dance Company
Colorado Jazz Dance Company                          

| Theater |

Ensemble Director: Kelly Kitchens
Ensemble              Black Orchid Theater Chicago
Mazeppa                Colorado Springs Fine Arts Cntr
Featured Roles      Colorado Springs Fine Arts Cntr

Esther- Dance Musical- Broadway Workshop
Ronna Kaye Productions
Disney Spectacular, Santa's Follies + Others

| Live Performance |

Featured Dancer     Televisa Mexico
Ensemble                Harris Theater-Music &Dance
Ensemble                Numerous Chicago Venues
Candy Cane/Doll/Snwflk   CO Springs Fine Arts Center
Featured Dancer                 Chicago Cultural Center

Noticieros Televisa (Live TV)
Dance For Life Chicago
Stage Factor Productions
The Nutcracker

| FILM |

Solo Dancer Dir: Bernard Ong
Featured Dancer/Model PR: Zaida Millan
Featured Dancer Dir: Ricardo Trabulsi
Featured Dancer Dir: Santiago Torres

Gemeni Club Music Video
Pineda Covalin Designer Promo
Compania Tania Perez-Salas Promo
"Pasion en Movimiento" Documentary

| Commercial-industrial-Modeling |

Demonstration Model           McCormick Place Chicago
Model/Dancer                        Hyatt Chicago
Dancer/Model                        Trade Shows/Events

TIGI Haircare National Hair Show
"Colours Galore"
Ronna Kaye Productions

| training |

University of Arizona, Jazz Dance World Congress, Colorado Jazz Dance Co., Joffrey Summer Intensive

Voice:                                Mat Eisenstein, Bob Cline, Analisa Leaming, Scott Mello
Acting:                              Bob Cline, Kelly Kitchens, Second City Chicago
Jazz/Contemporary:       Sherry Zunker, Susan Quinn, Sam Watson, Gus Giordano, Frank Chaves, Richard Havey
Theater:                            Zetta Alderman, Nick Kenkel, Ben Vereen, Patsy Swayze
Ballet/Pointe:                  Elena Kunikova, Michael Gosney, Breton Tyner-Bryan, Melissa Lowe
Other Skills:                     Tap, Ballroom, Improv, Hip-hop, Modern, African, Burlesque, Basic Guitar + Spanish

Nicole Erickson Sievers-204 Master Edit-2.jpg


Nicole is a mountain girl, born + raised in Colorado, dancing since she was 7 with Zetta Alderman + The Colorado Jazz Dance Co.

Currently, Nicole is dancing in her 9th season, as a principal dancer with Mexico City’s, breathtaking + internationally touring, Tania Perez-Salas Compania De Danza (TPS). Nicole's base in the States is in New York City as a freelance dancer, massage therapist, yoga instructor + wife. In NY, Nicole has joined FJK Dance wich fuses culture + dance genres from classical ballet to ballroom + Middle Eastern to jazz, performing in NYC + around the world. Nicole is the founder of Noble Bird Co, a wellness startup, combining massage, yoga + energy healing into a holistic healing model, including luxury wellness weekends + packages… Stay tuned for more!

Recently, Nicole was proud to be apart of the Broadway Workshop of Esther a Dance Musical + she looks forward to its success in NY + around the US.

Previously, Nicole enjoyed a season in Los Angeles with Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet. Nicole also shared two seasons with River North Dance Chicago + six seasons, as a founding member, with Elements Contemporary Ballet.  She enjoyed freelancing with Stage Factor, Dance For Life, Kaye Productions, Gemini Club's music video + Mexico's designer Pineda Covalin, among others.  Nicole also studied improv at The Second City Theater Chicago + spent nine years teaching dance in the inner city Chicago Public Schools via DanceArt + Dancing Classrooms.

Recognized by The University of Arizona, The Jazz Dance World Congress, Arizona Jazz Dance Showcases + The Jofferey Dance Competitions. Her choreography has been twice featured in the Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase + Solstance Chicago.

Trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap, hip hop, modern, musical theater, voice, acting + improv, Nicole is versatile across all aspects of the industry. She has learned from some of the best, including: Sherry Zunker, Gus Giordano, Ben Vereen, Patsy Swayze, Zetta Alderman, Mia Michaels, + University of Arizona staff: Susan Quinn, Richard Havey, Sam Watson + Jorey Hancock + others.

Distinguishing her from other dancers by her unique flare, Nicole's strength + versatility are apparent in both rehearsals + on stage.

Personally, Nicole loves laughing, writing + people watching.  She loves the big city, the mountains, adventures + puppies. Nicole is a certified Yoga instructor + has been a nationally certified + licensed massage therapist since 2004. She enjoys her private practice + being a therapist at Four Seasons Spa Downtown, NY. Nicole adores the human she calls husband- he is simply the best.

Future plans are to continue dancing with Mexico's Tania Perez-Salas + FJK Dance, while pursuing New York City's dance opportunities, including Broadway + musical theater.  Nicole also looks forward to teaching in New York City Public Schools in the years to come.


“Nicole Erickson Sievers, whose hieratic presence
is the focal point of "Macho Man XXI." Starting
from her first appearance, introducing her flaming
hair, her statuary figure and her outstanding
participation in almost every scene.”

-Orlando Taquechel, Culuture View MIA

upcoming performances

  • Jan 12 + 16, 2020
    FJK- APAP, NEw york City

  • Feb 21+22, 28+29, March 6+7, 2020
    TPS Season- Cenart, Mexico City

  • April 25, 2020 @8:00PM- TPS
    Davis, CA- Mondavi Center

  • May 1+2, 2020 @7:30PM- TPS
    Victoria, BC- Royal Theatre

  • May 5, 2020 @8:00PM- TPS
    Purchase, NY- PepsiCo Theatre

  • May 29 @8PM, May 30 @2PM+8PM, 2020-TPS
    Philadelphia, PA- Zellerbach Theatre