Professional, Advanced, Intermediate + Beginner classes:

Tania Perez-salas master class + Repertoire:

This is a class with a strong warm-up using the core to initiate movement.  Across the floor will be more flowy to activate the entire body.  The class then goes into the TPS repertoire, piece + section are open.

Stretch and Strengthen:

This is a vigorous workout focusing on exercises to strengthen + lengthen the entire body. Students will acquire tools to help them shape their bodies long + strong, for all dance types. They will learn about the muscle’s actions, body maintenance + self-care.


This ballet class will start with basic combinations to help students focus on correct technique. As they form a solid base, the combinations become more difficult as the students focus on precision. This class will challenge the body as well as the mind.

Contemporary Ballet:

This class mixes classical ballet movement with circular movement of the body’s natural rhythm. Contemporary music helps the students let go of the rigid ballet ideas. Students will learn, both at the bar and in center, how to control their technique while creating contemporary movement + shapes. Students will dance through this ballet class feeling free in the muscles, joints, head + heart.

Exploring Improvisation:

To free the students’ self-consciousness, this class will take place with dim lights and fluid music. Students will be guided through a structured improv across the floor, starting slowly + becoming more intricate as they are given new movement ideas. Students will experience a new way of improving + exploring movements that their body would not typically gravitate towards.

Ballroom Basics:

Contemporary dancers will learn the basics for a variety of American + International style ballroom dances. This class includes some etiquette and history. With or without partners, this class is a good introduction to a timeless, yet evolving art-form. Examples: Merengue, Mambo, Salsa, Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing, Jive, Paso Doble, Bachata.

Life as a Dancer:

This class is a lecture + guided discussion on what the life of a dancer looks like, from childhood to post-prime. It outlines different styles, schools, companies + avenues of dance. It informs students about the reality of health, fitness, training, auditioning, working, traveling + even teaching. This class is crucial for any dancer to be mentally prepared to walk into the dance profession, no matter what level or style.

Contemporary Lyrical:

This class entails a long flowing warm-up + swooping combinations across the floor. The center combinations are long + fluid to help the students to let go + be free in their dancing while utilizing their bodies to expand + use as much space as possible.

Jazz Funk:

This is a fun upbeat class with lots of isolations + “funk.” It incorporates lots of core strengthening + jumps. This jazz class will be full of combinations + movement as it explores the nooks+ crannies of the body.